"It takes a lifetime to build a cowherd; and most people don't live long enough to get it done".

Our forty plus years of breeding Polled Herefords is in pursuit of the above quote from a friend and former dairy farmer.  Most of our breeding age females were bred here, along with their mothers and grandmothers. Before we put much confidence in our breeding cattle - we need to know where they came from. We continually strive to improve each individual. They must look good and possess enough of those needed traits (fertility, efficiency, soundness, good udders, calving ease, etc) to keep their registered status. We strive to breed only those females that are of 'herd-bull mother' quality!

Sample of our Herd

 Not our eye-catching prettiest cow, but may be the most productive. Dam of Javelin 103J and 228K.

Reference Cows